Ok, so here is our list of the top 7 family website services (ie: our competitors). Yes, we realize its a bit strange for a company to list out its competitors, but we wanted to provide a helpful resource to families looking to implement a private website for their family. We realized during our own competitive research just how difficult it was to evaluate each possible family website solution. There are dozens of options out there. The ones below are a short list of the services we consider worth looking into.

Company Name My Family Window Family Crossings Family Lobby Famlu My Great Big Family My Heritage The Famiy Post
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Year Founded 2013 2009 2006 2004 2005 2006 2005
Monthly Cost* $11.58 $9.95 $8.99 $5.00 $11.67 ? $8.95
Activity Feed No No Limited Yes No Unsure No
Upload Photos Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Upload Documents Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Upload Video Yes Yes Limited Yes No Yes Yes
Polls No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Events Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Support No No No Yes No Unsure No
Follow Content No No No Yes No Unsure No
Notifications Unsure Yes Limited Yes Limited Unsure No
Report as Inappropriate No No No Yes No Unsure No
Member Directory Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
User Profiles Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Think we missed one? Please let us know. Disclaimer In short - assume the information on this page in inaccurate and out of date. We review each family website service quarterly and there can often be major pricing and product changes within that time. Please use the links provided to verify the information on each service providers website before making any decisions. If you see a review that needs to be updated, please leave a comment or contact us here and we'll address it in a timely manner. Also, note that some vendors have tiered pricing (ie: Silver, Gold, Platinum). In these cases, we always use the highest level of pricing in order to keep the comparison as even as possible.

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