You more than likely are not a travel agent and are by no means an expert when it comes to planning travel itineraries. Nonetheless, there are a few things you can do to help your guests get to your family reunion more easily.

Obviously, you cannot make the travel arrangements for all of your guests when it comes to getting to the city where your family reunion is to be held. But, you can make things easier for them once they get there. For example, you can schedule pick ups from the lodging you set up for your guests to the place where the actual reunion will take place.

To do this, you should check into various travel agencies and transport agencies in the area. While the cost of this service is certainly a consideration, you also want to be sure to select a transportation service with a solid reputation for getting the job done correctly and safely. After all, if the provider has a tendency to run late, all of your careful planning will be wasted when half of your guests arrive four hours into the event.

It is also a good idea to looking into a transport service that will provide your guests and their luggage with insurance coverage. Regardless, be sure to make your reservations early. Then, a couple weeks before the trip, give the transportation provider a call to confirm your arrangements and make sure everything is in proper order – the day before the reunion is not the day to find out that the service is no longer in business or had a major computer crash and lost all of your reservation information.

If you are having some sort of destination family reunion for which a bunch of you will be flying out of the same airport to another city, then you may go ahead and look into some sort of group discount for your flight. If you can schedule a bunch of you on the same flight, your family reunion fun can get a head start (although the other guests on the airplane may not be quite so thrilled about your decision to fly together).

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