With the perfect venue in place, it is a good idea to start doing a bit of planning when it comes to accommodations.

The type of accommodations you work out for your family reunion celebration will depend greatly upon the venue you have selected to hold your event. If you will be holding the family reunion at a campground, for example, you might look into making reservations for campground space. If many of your family members have recreational vehicles, they can drive up to the campsite and hook up right there. Many campgrounds also have cabins available for rent for those without RVs or that don’t want to “rough it” in a tent.

If you will be having your family reunion in a hotel ballroom, it only makes sense to look into reserving a block of rooms in that same hotel. Many times, hotels will give you discounts if you book a big group early. So, don’t be shy – ask the hotel what they can offer to you in order to help your guests save as much money as possible. Not only will this be great for helping to make the reunion affordable, it will also help with the family bonding when your family members take over an entire wing at the hotel!

No matter where you plan on holding the family reunion, look into nearby hotels or other lodging options and see what type of deals you can come up with. Then, when you send out your invitations, ask your guests to contact that lodging option in order to take advantage of the special deal you have worked out.

Of course, safety is also of concern when planning lodging options for your guests. As much as some of your relatives may irritate you at times, you certainly don’t want to see them get hurt. Therefore, make sure the place you select offers ample security. Since you will likely have many children attending the reunion, safety is of particular importance. Resorts should offer nighttime security while campgrounds should be fenced in so wild animals and other dangers remain at bay.

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