Giving it a Timeline:

I realize that some of you may still be a bit uncomfortable with the specifics of the plan that I have laid out before you. In order to give you a bit more guidance, I thought it would be helpful to lay out these steps in a time line so you can make sure to stay on track with the planning process.

There are several steps you should take well before the reunion. Ideally, you should start these things a year ahead if time. If you are short on time, you still should give yourself six months for these steps:

  • Start gathering ideas
  • Learn about family reunions that your family had in the past and find out what was done at these reunions
  • Discuss your family reunion ideas with the elders in the family
  • Prepare a guest list and gather contact information
  • Decide who will pay for the event
  • Get input from those helping to foot the bill
  • Select a location and a venue
  • Make reservations with photographers, caterers, entertainers, and other professionals you might be utilizing at the reunion

Three months before the reunion, you should take care of:

  • Creating and sending invitations containing all of the pertinent information about the reunion. The invitations should also ask relatives to provide feedback and to let you know if they have special dietary needs or other needs to take into consideration.
  • Physically inspecting the venue if you have not done so already and clarify the rules and policies of its use
  • Confirming all of your reservations and make sure all of the paperwork has been properly completed

One month before the big day, you should:

  • Follow up with relatives you have not heard back from so you can get a good idea as to who will be attending and how many people you should expect
  • Tie up any lose ends with your reservations
  • Finalize the activities you will be playing and make sure you have gathered and created an necessary materials
  • Print copies of your program
  • Create a contingency plan – this is particularly important if the event is being held outdoors where weather can ruin your carefully laid out plans

One week before the family reunion, you should:

  • Make a final review of your budget and your plans to make sure you have not gone over
  • Confirm with your suppliers and all of your reservations
  • Prepare for traveling to the destination if it is away from home
  • Make sure all of your signs, notices, and other items are printed and ready to go

If you have completed all of these steps, you will be sure to have a wonderful family reunion! It has been wonderful guiding you through the planning steps and I wish you the best of luck with your special day. Please, feel free to ask any questions that I may have left unanswered. Also, I would love to hear from you about your family reunion, so please tell me all about it (and post some pictures too!) when it is done!

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