Whether your family members want to admit it or not, they each want to be the center of attention and have their moment to shine. So, why not feed this need while also having a little fun? With these games, each of your family members will get his 15 minutes of fame and everyone will be sure to have a good time.

One game you might consider playing is to have a talent showdown. This isn’t quite the same as having your family members provide the live entertainment, because these “talents” may be strange and unusual. Or, the performers simply may not be all that talented – which can be even more fun!

You might also consider having an “American Idol”-like singing contest. Again, everyone may not have the best singing voice. But, it is when your family members get up there and sound terrible that you are the most likely to be entertained anyway! A karaoke machine will make this portion of the entertainment a cinch to throw together. In fact, you will probably have a couple family members that will zero in on the thing immediately and start singing before the festivities have even started.

Charades can also be fun, though you will probably have to be lenient on the rules because many people have a tendency to cheat while playing this game. You just get so frustrated that no one gets what you are acting out that you just can’t help but blurt it out sometimes!

You can also give your family members the opportunity to be the center of attention with your own versions of popular game shows. With some of these games, you can actually purchase a board game from the store that will provide you with questions to use. Or, you might make up your own questions. Making up your own Jeopardy-style questions that are about your family, for example, can be a fun twist on the game. You can also put twists on other popular games. For example, you can play your own version of Name that Tune, but make it Name that Relative instead.

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