Family playing tug of war game as family reunionNow that ice has been successfully broken, you can engage in a number of other games to get your family moving and the fun rolling.

One fun game to play is the Generation Sack Game. This game is played much like a traditional sack race, but each team has to be made of one player from the older generation and one from the younger generation. Together, the team will share one sack and will try to be the first to reach the finish line.

Another great game is the Family Tug of War. With Family Tug of War, you will pit two families against one another. Just like any tug of war game, the object is to see which team can overpower the other by pulling the team across a line.

If you really want to add an element of excitement to Family Tug of War, you can put a mud puddle in the middle. All it takes is pouring a little water and insto-presto, a mud puddle is formed. Whether or not you add this element to the game will really depend on your family members, seeing as your old Aunt Helga may not like the idea of getting all muddy. The younger generation, on the other hand, will probably love the idea – particularly if you do manage to get adults involved and they get a face full of mud!

Another option is to play a variation on an old favorite standby – musical chairs. With this version, however, you will place an older generation family member in the seats. When the music stops, the children will all scramble for an available seat – but there will only be enough for all of the children except one. The one child that doesn’t get a seat leaves the game as does one member of the older generation and another chair. Music is played again and the process is repeated until only one child is left standing and declared the winner of the game.

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