To all prior MyFamily.com customers who are near the end of the retirement deadline, we welcome you to Famlu.com (previosuly FamilyDetails.com). We've been connecting families since 2004.

Famlu's family website service if very comparable to the family website service provided by myfamily.com. We allow users to create private family websites and share photos, news, events, videos and have discussions.

Our site can be viewed from a mobile or tablet device (full mobile support) in addition a full screen PC. All modern browsers are also supported including IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

For reference, here is the email originally sent to MyFamily.com customer in early June:

MyFamily.com is retiring
Over the years we have built up a variety of products that enable our users to discover, preserve and share their family history.

We recognize that there are a lot of ways that we, as a company, can make family history easier, more accessible and more fun for people all over the world.

In order to do this, we need to focus on our core offerings to ensure we’re delivering the best service and best product experience to our customers.

To that end, we’ve decided to invest more aggressively in our core Ancestry.com business and plan to retire the MyFamily.com service.

Starting on September 5, 2014, MyFamily.com will no longer be available.

We understand the value this service has provided to keep your family connected during your time as a subscriber. To keep the family memories you’ve gathered on MyFamily.com, please log in to your MyFamily group site and request an export by clicking on the “Export Now” button located at the top of the page.

There are other services that may provide one or more of the features that MyFamily.com offered, for example:

ThisLife by Shutterfly
Carousel - the gallery from Dropbox

Other Resources:

There has been quite an uproar (not surprisingly) from MyFamily.com customers who are upset by Ancestry.com's announcement to retire MyFamily.com. Here are some addition discussions/resources found around the web:


So are you a myfamily.com user, and if so what are you planning on doing before September 30?

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