We just started a list of the top family website services. We'll be reviewing each one. We hope this will be a valuable resource for families currently evaluating the many options that exist for private family websites. Click here to check it out!

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Let Famlu.com be Your Alternative to MyFamily.com
As current and former users of MyFamily.com are winding down their activity due to the website’s imminent closing, a wonderful alternative is available now o
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MyFamily.com to be retired on September 30th; What now?
To all prior MyFamily.com customers who are near the end of the retirement deadline, we welcome you to Famlu.com (previosuly FamilyDetails.com).
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MyFamily.com Import Tool for Data Migration
Famlu has been working on a tool that will allow MyFamily.com users to import the data that they have exported from their MyFamily.com family website.
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