Jenny Carson, Famlu's expert family reunion planner share loads of useful tips and tricks to make sure your upcoming family reunion is nothing less than awesome!


Part 28: Family Reunion Survey

Now that your family reunion is over, it is time to solicit feedback from your relatives.


Part 12: Getting the Party Going with Live Entertainment

There is no better way to really get your family up and moving than with life entertainment.


Part 10: Family Reunion Games

Getting The Games Started

Congratulations! If you have made it too this point in the planning process, you are ready for the real fun to begin!


Part 21: Family Reunion Theme

When it comes to decorating for your family reunion, your theme will have a great deal to do with the decorations you select.


Part 19: Family Reunion Food: Eating Your Way to Their Hearts

Now that you have your games and activities planned and you have figured out a way to keep your family in touch even after the reunion is over, it is time to


Part 16: Look! I’m a Star

Whether your family members want to admit it or not, they each want to be the center of attention and have their moment to shine.


Part 7: Family Reunion Planning: Getting Your Guests to the Reunion

You more than likely are not a travel agent and are by no means an expert when it comes to planning travel itineraries.


Part 4: Getting Organized

Now that you have your purpose in mind and a guest list in hand, it is time to start getting organized.