Famlu is perfect for...

Private Photo Sharing

Create your own private group and invite only members you know and trust. Your family members will be able to share photos, videos, news, events, and more without the snooping eyes of online strangers. Your family group in your app is 100% private and invite-only. 

Private Family Messaging

Want to stay connected with family and friends without relying on email and text messaging? Our apps built in instant messaging system is easy to use yet allows you to search old conversation and consolidate all photos/videos shared while chatting.

Keeping Track of it All

Access your group's secure and private address book (with .ics download), shared calendar, birthday and anniversary calendar, global member map and more. Never miss an important date again or send a card to an old address!

Famlu For Apple

iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad, iPad Pro

iOS version 8 and above


Famlu For Android

Android Phone & Tablets

Android version 4 and above


Got Questions?

No worries - we've got you convered!

What is a Private Family App?
Its like your own private Facebook that only family members that you invite can join. You don’t have to worry about non-family members accessing your families personal information.
How Can I Try Out The Famlu App?

Famlu is a freemium app. Our base app is and will ALWAYS BE FREE. Upgrade only if  you need additional users, storage or the advanced features.

How Much Does It Cost?

Free to try. If you decide to upgrade, its just $9/year.   

Who Created Famlu and Why?
You can read all about our founder and our team here. You can find out more about our company history, mission, values and all about us here.
Why Isn’t It Free?

We've been building technology based solutions to help connect families since 2004. We've seen many companies in our industry offer their product for free in order to gain a large member base and then suddenly change to a paid model, forcing all existing members to pay in order to retain access to their data. Thing isn't right!

We're upfront with our pricing and we're committed to always offering a value added product for free. We feel that this approach gives our customers the option of awarding us their business only once we've proven our commitment to providing a quality product at a great value along with the best possible customer service.

Is it easy for non tech-savvy members to use?

Yes! After over 12 year experience in providing technology based solutions for family members, we've struck what we believe to be the perfect balance between ease of use and functionality.

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