Are you familiar with the term "old school"? It implies doing something in an outdated or old-fashioned way, and it is suddenly quite the "chic" thing to do. So, I suggest that you follow my lead and go the "old school" route in your search for family tree information.

What do I mean? I use forums, mailing lists, and message boards to leave questions and requests for details. Remember my suggestion about "messages in a bottle"? This is what I meant...sending out the question in the hopes that the right people find it. I look through online groups (Yahoo!, Facebook, and Google are all sites with "groups" such as this) to see if there are any with the surnames I need to find, etc.

Is this a bit "scattered"? Yes, absolutely! The thing about it is that it tends to deliver some good results if you are persistent. As I work on the family tree chart template and see some blanks, I just head out into the sites that I have identified as the most useful in making my genealogy and family tree. If I have already posted to some of them, I just go to the forum or board to see if I missed responses, and I also run a new search sometimes too.

Yes, it is a lot of loose threads, but anyone working on a family tree pedigree will soon understand that there are a lot of times when things just seem to blow around in the breeze before some fact or facet springs to life.

Of course, one of the best tools or steps to take when using a family tree maker is to search the "public" trees when they are available. For instance, I use the family tree templates at this site, but I also do some basic searches for family tree and genealogy materials on the Internet too. There are actually "pedigree databases" that allow me to access free family tree templates and makers, to build the tree, share all of the information I find, and even help others who search for family tree data too. The very best allow me to easily "merge" the data with my own!

I discovered that the very best of these databases and free family tree templates feature forums and message boards too, and this means a "one two punch" to the issues that are giving you some challenges or difficulties.

In the next blog we will discuss the value of "subscription" sites if you have yet to get a lot of details or are totally "stumped" by a part of the family tree and genealogy. 

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