With all of the basics covered, you are ready to send out the invitations to your guests. By selecting the right invitations, you will be able to set the mood for the invitation and get your family members jazzed up about attending the family reunion.

Since you should already have your theme selected (if you don’t, you are not very good at following directions and you need to go back to my earlier post), you might want to look for a card that accentuates that theme. If the family reunion will be focusing on someone’s wedding anniversary or the return of a family member from military service, for example, your invitation may include pictures or a special message that reflects that theme.

You can purchase invitations that express your theme and purpose of the family reunion, or you can get your creative juices flowing and create your own invitations. There are plenty of software programs available that make it easy to create your own invitations.

Including photos in the invitations can be a nice touch, but you really have to gauge your family members in order to determine if this is a good step to take. After all, you don’t want anyone to feel left out if they are not included in the picture on the invitation. On the other hand, if a certain person will be receiving a great deal of attention – such as a great grandma that is turning 100 years old – it is perfectly appropriate to put her picture on the invitation. After all, a 100th birthday is something that everyone should definitely celebrate!

If you are having a difficult time coming up with your design and layout, take a look online in order to find some inspiration. There are plenty of websites online that sell professionally created invitations. Take a peak at those cards to get a few ideas. In addition, the software you will be using will most likely have several templates for you to select from. Don’t be shy – grab one of those templates and play with your options in order to create a unique invitation that is perfect for your reunion.

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