Now that you have your purpose in mind and a guest list in hand, it is time to start getting organized. Using an online family website is a great place to start.

FAMILY REUNION PLANNING TIP: Use your Famlu family website to collaborate with your family during the entire planing process to create the perfect reunion! Don't have a family website yet? Sign up here for free!

With a good online organizer, you will be able to arrange your activities, generate guest lists, track expenses, and more. You can also take some of the monotony out of planning your reunion and the organizer will help you keep everything in just one place. That way, you will be less likely to lose the lists you have created.

We are all guilty of misplacing things or putting them somewhere where we “won’t lose them” – only to discover that we can’t find them anywhere. So, any help you can get with remaining organized should definitely be taken advantage of.

So, take some time to look around to find a food web site that will offer an easy way to keep track of your family reunion planning. Even if you are not the most technologically savvy, the time you spend learning the program will be worth it – particularly if you plan on making planning family reunions a regular event.

Using a family website is another great way to help you stay organized. If you create a forum on your website where everyone can list the food and other items they plan to bring, you will have a permanent log to refer back to. Not only that, other family members can easily see what is bringing brought and you don’t have to worry about a bunch of doubles – after all, potato salad is great, but you certainly don’t need 50 ponds of it at your family reunion.

With a family website, family reunion planning software, and other organizational tactics, it will certainly be much easier to keep track of all of your family reunion plans. Let’s face it, trying to keep track of all of the phone calls and living room conversations and other conversations in passing that you may have with various relatives can become overwhelming. You are bound to forget something that someone said to you if you don’t find a way to stay organized.

If everyone includes their plans on the family website, your job will be a whole lot easier and far less stressful.

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