With your goal in mind, you will need to start developing your guest list. This task may sound simple, but it can actually be quite difficult as you will have to make some decisions regarding who you will invite to your reunion.

If you invite every branch on your family tree, you are likely to get a brushfire. After all, if you invite hundreds of people to the reunion, you will soon run out of lodging options and the logistics of your family reunion will be a nightmare.

So, you are going to have to make some tough decisions and you will have to focus on just one side of your family. This will make the whole process far more manageable and your guests will feel more comfortable with only more immediate family members in attendance. As much as it might sound like a nice idea to invite your spouse’s family, save that reunion for another day and another time.

Once you have decided on which part of the tree you will focus, it is time to start generating a guest list. This task can be difficult at times as well, particularly if you have gotten out of touch with some of your family members and are unsure about how many children they have (or how many children THOSE children have). Therefore, you are going to need to be really thorough about your research into your family tree in order to make sure you include everyone – the last thing you want is hurt feelings from somebody that was forgotten. That will certainly put a damper on the family reunion.

Of course, developing a thorough guest list has important practical purposes as well. For example, you will probably have to rent chairs or tables. If you have an inaccurate head count, you run the chance of having plenty of uncomfortable guests as you run out of chairs and they are left standing. Getting your guest list together will also help you with sending out the invitations when the time comes.

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