When it comes to decorating for your family reunion, your theme will have a great deal to do with the decorations you select. If your family reunion will be focused on celebrating the birthday of the oldest member of the family, for example, you will certainly want to include plenty of pictures of that family member throughout the space where your reunion will take place. Try to get pictures of that person as he or she was growing up and place short blurbs explaining what was taking place in the picture for a truly touching experience.

No matter the theme of the family reunion, photos are always a great touch. So, try to gather as many photos of your family members as possible and distribute them throughout the area. You might even want to encourage all of your family members to bring photo albums with them as well. While everyone is sitting around waiting for the food to be served, they can break out with the photo albums and do a bit of sharing.

You can also set up a location where your relatives can share their recipes. Favorite recipes can be posted in an area where family members can easily make copies of the recipe if they like. Better yet, compile all of the recipes and create a family recipe book to give away at the next family reunion

Another great idea is to use family memorabilia as a part of your décor. Special watches or pieces of jewelry that have been passed down from one generation to the next can be put on display. If anyone in the family is an author, you might put their books on display. Anything from the past or the present would be great to add to the display. To make it even more formal, ask family members ahead of time what they plan to bring and then create laminated cards to go in front of the item that is on display that explain what the item is and why it is special to the family.

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