If you have memories of attending family reunions, you probably look back upon those days of yore with fond recollection. You might remember running through the sprinklers with your cousins, getting your cheeks pinched by your aunts, and eating so many hot dogs and drinking so much pop that you thought you would explode at any moment.

Ahhh…..those were the days when you were young and free….and completely oblivious to just how much work it takes to pull off a great family reunion.

Fast forward to the realy-real world where you are an adult and now you are the one trying to create these same magical memories for your family members.

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Let’s face it, planning an unbelievable family reunion from which everyone leaves with a smile on his or her face isn’t a simple task. Sure, it would be nice to believe that all it takes is bringing everyone together in one spot and the rest will take care of itself. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. At the same time, the work that goes into planning a family reunion is time and energy well spent as you build and maintain that strong bond that only families can share.

So, in my quest to help more people enjoy these fantastic moments of family togetherness, I have decided to offer this blog. Within this blog, I will discuss all sorts of ideas to help you plan and carry out a great family reunion. I will guide you through the steps you need to take to get the ball rolling and will even help you deal with some of the trickier aspects of planning a family reunion.

For example, do you have relatives that are at odds with one another? C’mon, be honest. Every family has it and yours is no different – so, how do you have a family reunion that everyone can enjoy despite these differences? Or, maybe you are worried about how exactly you are supposed to entertain a group of people when you have people over the age of 100 all the way down to infants on your guest list.

I mean, really, it is enough to make a person go crazy.

Don’t worry, I am here to help….a sort of messiah to the frightening yet exhilarating world of family reunion planning is here to take your hand and to guide you through. Of course, if you have any questions along the way, feel free to drop them to me in the comments section. I am always happy to help!

So, here is to you and your family reunion – and keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post to learn how to get started on your planning.

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