Blog post relating to building a family tree. We share my tips and resources to aid you in your family tree research.


Part 1: Standing at the Base of the Family Tree

You have heard the phrase "family tree" many many times, and yet do you think you can clearly answer the simple question of "what is a family tree"?


Part 2: Shaping the Family Tree

Okay, so in the last blog I left you  just starting to climb up into your family tree in order to begin poking around a bit and starting to chart your g


Part 3: Shaking the Branches

Towards the end of the last blog it suddenly dawned on me that I was COMPLAINING about an embarrassment of riches in terms of information, facts, and the nee


Part 4: Raking up the Leaves

I had been using the family tree maker as a primary tool, and that was a good thing because all of the notes and documents (or "leaves" as I had started to c


Part 5: Mind the Gaps

So far, I had been really successful with the use of the family tree maker, but one afternoon I noticed some glaring "gaps" in the "leaves".


Part 6: At the End of the Line

Here's something to think about as you develop your family tree and genealogy expertise - the work you do is very linear, but it also has very clear distinct


Part 7: The Official Records

In the last blog we talked about the details that emerge at the end of someone's life.


Part 8: Heading to the Library

I love the library and will take any reason to make a visit to the local spots.


Part 12: Enjoying the View

You are never going to be done making a genealogy or family tree...that is a fact, but you can step back and admire that view from time to time.

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