Jenny Carson, Famlu's expert family reunion planner share loads of useful tips and tricks to make sure your upcoming family reunion is nothing less than awesome!


Part 13: Family Reunion Activities: Let’s Get Physical

Another great way to get your family members up and moving around and interacting with one another is to make a number of different sports available.


Part 14: More Family Reunion Activites

Other than organized sports, there are several other ways you can get your family members up and out of their chairs.


Part 16: Look! I’m a Star

Whether your family members want to admit it or not, they each want to be the center of attention and have their moment to shine.


Part 17: Games for the Kids

There are plenty of children’s party games that will be sure to keep the children entertained.


Part 18: Keeping The Family Together

In addition to the games you will be playing at the family reunion, now is the perfect time to make planning for next year a bit easier and to make sure ever


Part 19: Family Reunion Food: Eating Your Way to Their Hearts

Now that you have your games and activities planned and you have figured out a way to keep your family in touch even after the reunion is over, it is time to


Part 1: Family Reunion Planning - Let’s Get Started!

If you have memories of attending family reunions, you probably look back upon those days of yore with fond recollection.


Part 20: Family Reunion Drinks

Along with the menu planning, you will also need to determine what types of beverages you should offer.


Part 21: Family Reunion Theme

When it comes to decorating for your family reunion, your theme will have a great deal to do with the decorations you select.

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